Android Webview https SSL证书错误


Today I found a weird issue. When the webview tried to load a https URL on a Huawei mobile phone, it stoped working. After debugging, I found the following error in the logs:

primary error: 5 certificate: Issued to:;
Issued by: CN=GeoTrust DV SSL CA - G3,OU=Domain Validated SSL,O=GeoTrust Inc.,C=US;
on URL:


Google了很久,最终发现这是webview的bug,出现在Android 6的webview的版本v53和v54,所有使用Symantec证书的网站都将无法访问。这正是我要的问题!请参考bug链接

During a long time researching on Google, I finally found that there is a bug in webview, it happends in version 53 and 54 in Android 6, All pages served with Symantec certificates will not be loaded. This is exactly same as my issue! Link of this bug

解决办法只有让用户升级webview组件。进入Google Play商店(或其他商店),搜索Android system webview,安装即可。

The only solution is to ask user to upgrade there webview. Just enter to Google Play store, search Android system webview, and install it.